Cryptomessaging - Founder

We are entering the third wave of the consumer Internet experience. The first wave was search driven exploration dominated by companies like Google, and vertically by the ubiquitous search box in every app and website. The second wave is the current curated experience provided by the dominant social networks where a feed, managed by the app maker, consumes the persons attention and monetizes through advertising.

The third wave is an Internet where people take control of the logic that manages their attention. This attention logic will move onto their smartphones and user will truly be in control. The attention logic won't be affected by advertising and the addictive behavior corporations pursue, but instead will truly care about the persons emotional and physical health.

Mobido - Founder/CEO

Mobido is my current venture. Raising kids is much harder than most people expect and can create a lot of stress. Kids these days are glued to their phones, but this also creates an opportunity: Turn the tables, and use those same phones to help manage the kids. - Product Manager

Before Mobido I was a Product Manager at While at Tempo I also helped scale the servers, coded with the iOS team, and managed the Android engineering team. We were acquired by Salesforce in 2016.

AllTheCooks/Yum-Yum Labs - Founder/CEO

In 2011, I started Yum-Yum Labs with Raj Singh with an eye towards mobile health. Our early focus was the impact your diet has on health. After discussing our goals with Rafael Sanches, he quickly built a cooking app around our APIs, did some masterful marketing and SEO, and garnered 50K downloads in a single week. We pivoted the company, and turned the app into the #1 cooking app on Android. Two years later AllTheCooks was acquired by Cookpad.

Nuance Communications - Manager, Strategic Partnerships

I joined Nuance in 1999 to build an engineering team to create the Voyager Voice Web Server and bolster our IPO. After shipping the product my focus shifted to sales and I joined the Voyager strategic sales team. To open up the market I then moved into marketing where I managed our large strategic partnerships.


I like to tinker with mechanical things. Call it a response to years of programming computers, and the need for tanglible puzzles.

My current project is converting an M101A1 trailer into a camping setup for my kids with a roof top tent. I'm documenting the approach over at 416 Trailer Kit. A one-owner 1990 Vanagon has found me and I'm working through the details to acquire it (sorry M101A1!). It appears to need some basic maintenance, but otherwise is in very good shape. I'm already dreaming of a Highway 1 trip with SUPs on the roof!

Adventure West is my blog for outdoor activities including Jeep and motorcycle trips, and general trip preparation. I also post weekly on Facebook for friends and family.

A few years back I became active in the local emergency response community: